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Trinity HealthShare Terms

Every month, members send their contributions to Trinity HealthShare where they’re deposited into the members’ shareboxes, awaiting dispersal to a member’s eligible medical bills.

Member Shared Responsibility Amount (MSRA)
Is a set amount that must be met annually before medical bills are shared. Once the MSRA is met, the money from members’ shareboxes are used to cover eligible medical expenses.

Consult Fees
Every time a member goes to the doctor, specialist or hospital, a consult fee is paid to the doctor, specialist or hospital. This amount does not count toward a member’s MSRA.

Maximum out-of-pocket
All expenses except for consult fees add together to reach the member’s maximum out-of-pocket amount. Once the maximum out-of-pocket amount is reached, Trinity HealthShare cost-shares according to membership guidelines.

Helping members eliminate unnecessary expenses, individuals can visit with a U.S. board-certified doctor over the phone or via video chat at no expense. These doctors can make diagnoses, write prescriptions, and make referrals at no additional cost to Trinity members.